Hey, it’s Gediz. I’m in my mid-20s. I am wandering around the interwebs for a while and craving for novelty.


I write code for a living. Embedded stuff in general. I translate open-source software projects from English to Turkish and vice versa on occasion. Breaking things and trying to (and usually failing) fix them is fun.


There’s another thing I deliberately refrained from mentioning in the previous paragraph, which is reading. I read a lot because I am a huge procrastinator and this is how I procrastinate. Someone should write, so someone could read. I feel like it’s my turn to write.

By the way, years ago I’ve had a short experience of blogging which was cool until my hosting provider sent my files into oblivion and blamed me (I’m looking at you, isimtescil). And I did not have any backups. In this blogging experience I’ve learned that to write something significant, you have to read more than an order of magnitude of it. Which in turn boosts the learning process. Backups are also important, right?

Finally, I know it is an old fashioned thing to blog but I am missing the period when blogging was cool. It reminds of the good old days, heh.

I hope I can write something worth reading.


I believe we should automate anything that repeats more than it should. Repetitive tasks are hell for me. That’s why I find the title of the blog, autom8, amusing.